Pronunciation: gur-mänd, goor-mand
Function: noun
Etymology: from Middle French gourmant, Middle English gourmaunt
Date: 15th century

1 : one who is excessively fond of eating and drinking
2 : one who is heartily interested in good food and drink

synonyms see epicure


Welcome to LeGourmandC3, a blog devoted to explore the culinary essence of MidEasterranean cuisine. I say “essence” because I truly believe that food, love, and life are closely interrelated.

I’m Suzi, and it wasn’t until I met Alex (aka soul mate, best friend, and husband) that I realized enjoying food goes hand in hand with knowing the true meaning of love combined with learning the art of living and enjoying life. Until then, I’m pretty sure that I just ate. Though both my parents were serious foodies – everything was home made including yogurt, cheese, pickles, sausages, etc. intensely discussed the lunch menu during breakfast, dinner menu during lunch, breakfast during dinner and this cycle repeated itself daily – but then again, they were forever enamoured with each other and their life together.

The reason MidEasterranean cuisine talks to me is partly because I’m an Armenian born in the Middle East, who grew up In the NY/NJ metro area, later Toronto, ON , and now Vancouver, BC, and in between, frequented the Cotes d’Azur with Alex – and partly because over the years, I’ve come to recognize that the true essence of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine is all about love and life. It’s not just the about food – it’s about the lifestyle.

Combining my professional culinary certification with over 20 years of marketing and product development experience, along with the various countries that I’ve lived and traveled through over the years, not to mention my persistent and curious nature to create the flavour combination methodology in search for that perfect bite, I found the venue which summoned everything that I am together all in one place: LeGourmandC3 (Gourmand is the nickname Alex gifted me with years ago).

I’ve been ghostwriting and ghost recipe developing since 2006 providing services as an on-line writer and editor, culinary ghostwriter-recipe-developer for various chefs, restaurateurs, food manufacturers and international TV food personalities.

I’m very excited to take this journey of experience through the various regional cuisines of the Mediterranean and Middle East, and look forward to having you join me here at chez Suz aka LeGourmandC3.

Feel free to drop me a line anytime at I’d love to hear about your experiences in food, travels, love, life and the recipes you’ve created in between.

Bon appétit et bonne vie!