Syrian-inspired cinnamon-dusted nuts layered in flaky pastry

Buttery, flaky pastry dough encasing layers of sweet, cinnamon-dusted walnuts and pecans – need I say more?

Working with all that pastry dough for my Classic Apple Pie, motivated me to use up the last of the nut-mixture I’d made for my Karabij Halabi. So glad I did! Sinking my teeth into one of these rolls is like taking a palatable plunge into titillating texture heaven. The crumbly pastry gives way to a tender interior, and with each bite releases the sweet cinnamon dusted nuts on the tongue – buttery, cinnamony, nutty heaven! Sure I can enjoy this with a nice cup of tea or coffee, but…nah! I’ll take one more roll, sit on my balcony and nibble watching the panorama of Vancouver before me.

Hmmmmm…it’s the little sweet moments in life that feeds my soul.

1 portion of pastry dough

¾ cup mixed nuts, use your favorite. Here I used 50/50 walnuts and pecans

¼ cup sugar, add more if you wish

¼ tsp cinnamon

1 whole egg, for glazing

Preheat the oven to 3750F with parchment-covered pizza stone (using the pizza stone helps with a crustier base; covering the stone with parchment paper helps it from staining)

On  floured surface, using a flour-dusted rolling pin, open the dough as thin as possible, turning it over and flouring it throughout so dough doesn’t stick.

Spread the nut mixture on the dough, allowing some space from the outside rim. Fold the outer rim dough inwards, then roll it like a jelly-roll style; glaze with egg; slit the top to allow for heat to escape and bake for 45-50 minutes or until the roll turns golden.

Cool on rack and enjoy!