MidEasterranean Cuisine

“MidEasterranean” is a word I developed by combining “Middle East” and “Mediterranean” to refer to the cuisines of the countries that form Mediterranean and the Middle East. The word does flow on the tongue, doesn’t it?

Far too many culinarians categorize Middle Eastern cuisine under the Mediterranean cuisine umbrella. They’re similar, that’s true, but not quite. The reason I developed the term MidEasterranean is to recognize the similarities of these cuisines while respecting the authentic variables of the ingredients, techniques, and dishes that distinguish the countries’ culinary traditions.

…and what is the essence of MidEasterranean cuisine?
It’s not just about the food. It’s about the lifestyle. Al fresco entertaining, mid-day siestas, and leisurely dining on fresh, clean, simple seasonal foods created by the land and the sea. Life can’t get better than this!

Come and join me on this flavorful culinary journey to discover the culture, culinary profiles, authentic ingredients, cooking techniques, ethnic flavor combinations, and the classic dishes of the countries that form the MidEasterranean cuisine including Italian, Southern French, Spanish, Greek, Lebanese, Syrian, Sephardic and Persian.  Along the way, we’ll also create some fusion twists to old classics, and take time to appreciate the healthy life and eating regimes that have come to be recognized as the quintessential characteristics of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines.

…and always keep in mind my MidEasterranean motto:

Eat well. Live well. Love well. Like your foods, keep life simple, pure, fresh, and authentic. Palatable results assured!

I look forward to having you join me here at LeGourmandC3 and bid you a hearty bon appétit et bonne vie!